Product quality is firstly ensured by the long experience in identifying the finest raw materials, with a preference for Central American and Indian productions and testing the intrinsic quality of the product.
This means providing customers with guarantee of quality: an excellent coffee, all the time.

The Roastery


Before roasting, we make further checks on random samples, which is tested for uniformity, color and degree of humidity.

Then the raw coffee beans go to the cleanup phase, which removes impurities and foreign materials that may be found in the bags.
It is here that the actual roasting process really starts. During this phase, it is always important to keep the different coffee qualities separated.

Each roasting cycle lasts 15 to 20 minutes, to ensure that the coffee is slowly roasted, in order not to disperse any of its organoleptic substances.
When freshly roasted, coffee is collected in a tub and cooled by a ventilation system called ‘Quick Fresh’, which allows to retain flavour and aroma that have developed during the roasting process. Then coffee is sent to silos, from where the different qualities of coffee are withdrawn, for the creation of the various blends.

Packed coffee is always shipped within 3/4 days from the roasting process. This is made to ensure that the product remains fresh and fragrant, thus releasing all its peculiar flavours and aromas when poured into the cup.