Travelling around the world and through Krifi quality

The quality of a complex product like coffee depends on many factors: firstly the excellence of the raw material and quality control of incoming products. For this reason, Krifi Caffè chooses the most valuable coffee beans coming from Central America and India, performing a first-level quality control on-site, hence offering its customers the highest level of excellence, at every step of the supply chain.

The Productive Process

01. Selection

The cleaning of raw green coffee is the first phase of processing and consists in eliminating all possible impurity and dirt inside the bags.

02. Roasting

Once the different qualities of coffee are separated, the roasting process begins. Each cycle lasts 13 to 15 minutes to ensure that coffee reaches the right point of roasting, keeping its precious organoleptic substances unaltered.

03. Quick Fresh

As soon as it is roasted, coffee is collected in a tank and cooled through a forced-air ventilation system, called Quick Fresh. This phase is fundamental to instantly block the taste and aroma released by the beans during roasting

04. Silos

The coffee beans are now sent to the silos to be classified in several standard qualities for the creation of different blends. Before packaging, a final check will follow: the taking of a sample for determination of moisture content.

05. Packaging

Eventually, coffee packed in special bags will be shipped 10/12 days after roasting. This condition is of great importance, because only a product remaining unaltered will release its best and most fragrant aroma.